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Nur Light GmbH is a company in Duisburg (Germany) specialised in the manufacturing and sales of interior and exterior LED lighting. Together with our cooperation partners we have more than 25 year experience in the production of electronic devices with internal test units and product development. Our focus is on the B2B sector where a high energy saving feature and qualitative aspects are key for our customers. We are proud to say that our products are up to 40% more efficient with regards to energy saving and luminous flux than other LED lights in the market.

Our products can be applied in different areas:

1. Interior Lighting      

2. Exterior Lighting

3. Street Lighting     

4. Hall Lighting

5. Car park Lighting   

6. Industrial Lighting

7. Hotels & Restaurants       

8. Office Lighting

9. and much more

Due to our expertise we are able to produce customised LED lighting with regards to device forms and energy/light performance in case you need individual features for your business area. We invite you to contact us via email or our contact form to discuss your requirements.