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NUR LIGHT - up to 40% more efficient than conventional LED!

What would you say, if you can save up to 40% energy costs for lights even though you are already using LED? Sounds incredible, but is achievable with Nur Light LED.

The technological trend in the LED business sector has a number of challenges, especially because of growing low quality devices impacting the price and quality for LED customers.

If customers want to compare the lights of one manufacturer to another one, there are certain features to be reflected before a decision can be taken. What are the most relevant aspects for analysing the performance and the quality of the LED products? Nur Light helps you to bring some light into the dark.

During the times of the incandescent lamps the common indicator for a lights was the watt number.

However, today the following key aspects need to be reflected while analysing LED lighting:

a) Energy performance (wattage)

b) Luminous flux (lumens)

c) Colour temperature (kelvin)

d) Colour rendering index (CRI)

e) Power factor (Cos Phi)

d) Ambient temperature

We are proud to say that our LED lights are reaching top level results for the above mentioned aspects and are constantly optimised to provide you with high qualitative, economic and long-lasting lights.

Our advantages for you at a glance:

Driverless Regulation:

Conventional LED lights usually require drivers for the power supply of the LEDs. In case of failures these drivers needs to be changed or in worst case the complete light is not usable anymore. As drivers are affecting the lifetime of the LED we have deliberately created a patented solution without drivers. Not to mention that drivers are usually consuming 10-20% energy in addition to the energy consumption of the LED.

High energy efficiency

Through our patented driverless solution and applied technology our LED lights are consuming up to 40% less energy than other LED products in the market.

Dimmable LED lights

All LED lights of NUR Light are dimmable.

High luminous efficiency

Our LED lights are characterised by a high luminous efficiency of up to 200 lumen/watt. In a nutshell our products enable our customers to have “more” light with less energy consumption than other LED lights.

Long lifetime

Duration of up to 80.000 hours

High ambient temperature

Through our patented Intercooler technology we have enabled our products to support ambient temperatures of -40°C to +105°C. This Intercooler technology supports the lifetime of the light and the usage in various environments where high and low temperature is given.

Internal fuse

Nur Light LED lights are equipped with an internal fuse to enable maximum protection of the the lighting.

Aluminium PCB Board

For optimal cooling our PCB boards are made of aluminium and not of plastic.

High Performance factor

PFC > 0.98

We can assure that our progressive technology helps you to invest in the future, to save costs and to save the environment at the same time.

We invite you to get in touch with us to learn more about our LED lights.